satpy.readers.modis_l1b module

Modis level 1b hdf-eos format reader.


The modis_l1b reader reads and calibrates Modis L1 image data in hdf-eos format. Files often have a pattern similar to the following one:


Other patterns where “collection” and/or “proccessing_time” are missing might also work (see the readers yaml file for details). Geolocation files (MOD03) are also supported.

Geolocation files

For the 1km data (mod021km) geolocation files (mod03) are optional. If not given to the reader 1km geolocations will be interpolated from the 5km geolocation contained within the file.

For the 500m and 250m data geolocation files are needed.


class satpy.readers.modis_l1b.HDFEOSBandReader(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: satpy.readers.hdfeos_base.HDFEOSBaseFileReader

Handler for the regular band channels.

Init the file handler.

get_dataset(key, info)[source]

Read data from file and return the corresponding projectables.

res = {'1': 1000, 'H': 500, 'Q': 250}
class satpy.readers.modis_l1b.MixedHDFEOSReader(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: satpy.readers.hdfeos_base.HDFEOSGeoReader, satpy.readers.modis_l1b.HDFEOSBandReader

A file handler for the files that have both regular bands and geographical information in them.

Init the file handler.

get_dataset(key, info)[source]

Get the dataset.

satpy.readers.modis_l1b.calibrate_bt(array, attributes, index, band_name)[source]

Calibration for the emissive channels.

satpy.readers.modis_l1b.calibrate_counts(array, attributes, index)[source]

Calibration for counts channels.

satpy.readers.modis_l1b.calibrate_radiance(array, attributes, index)[source]

Calibration for radiance channels.

satpy.readers.modis_l1b.calibrate_refl(array, attributes, index)[source]

Calibration for reflective channels.