satpy.demo package


Module contents

Demo data download helper functions.

Each get_* function below downloads files to a local directory and returns a list of paths to those files. Some (not all) functions have multiple options for how the data is downloaded (via the method keyword argument) including:

  • gcsfs:

    Download data from a public google cloud storage bucket using the gcsfs package.

  • unidata_thredds:

    Access data using OpenDAP or similar method from Unidata’s public THREDDS server (

  • uwaos_thredds:

    Access data using OpenDAP or similar method from the University of Wisconsin - Madison’s AOS department’s THREDDS server.

  • http:

    A last resort download method when nothing else is available of a tarball or zip file from one or more servers available to the Satpy project.

  • uw_arcdata:

    A network mount available on many servers at the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. This is method is mainly meant when tutorials are taught at the SSEC using a Jupyter Hub server.

To use these functions, do:

>>> from satpy import Scene, demo
>>> filenames = demo.get_us_midlatitude_cyclone_abi()
>>> scn = Scene(reader='abi_l1b', filenames=filenames)