satpy.readers.agri_l1 module

Advanced Geostationary Radiation Imager reader for the Level_1 HDF format.

The files read by this reader are described in the official Real Time Data Service:

class satpy.readers.agri_l1.HDF_AGRI_L1(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: HDF5FileHandler

AGRI l1 file handler.

Init filehandler.

adjust_attrs(data, ds_info)[source]

Adjust the attrs of the data.

calibrate(data, ds_info, ds_name, file_key)[source]

Calibrate the data.

calibrate_to_bt(data, ds_info, ds_name)[source]

Calibrate to Brightness Temperatures [K].

calibrate_to_reflectance(data, channel_index, ds_info)[source]

Calibrate to reflectance [%].

property end_time

Get the end time.


Get the area definition.

get_dataset(dataset_id, ds_info)[source]

Load a dataset.

property start_time

Get the start time.

satpy.readers.agri_l1.apply_lut(data, lut)[source]

Calibrate digital number (DN) by applying a LUT.

  • data – Raw detector digital number

  • lut – the look up table


Calibrated quantity

satpy.readers.agri_l1.scale(dn, slope, offset)[source]

Convert digital number (DN) to calibrated quantity through scaling.

  • dn – Raw detector digital number

  • slope – Slope

  • offset – Offset


Scaled data