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Satpy is a python library for reading, manipulating, and writing data from remote-sensing earth-observing satellite instruments. Satpy provides users with readers that convert geophysical parameters from various file formats to the common Xarray DataArray and Dataset classes for easier interoperability with other scientific python libraries. For a full list of available readers see Reader Table. Satpy also provides interfaces for creating RGB (Red/Green/Blue) images and other composite types by combining data from multiple instrument bands or products. Various atmospheric corrections and visual enhancements are provided for improving the usefulness and quality of output images. Output data can be written to multiple output file formats such as PNG, GeoTIFF, and CF standard NetCDF files. Satpy also allows users to resample data to geographic projected grids (areas). Satpy is maintained by the open source Pytroll group.

The Satpy library acts as a high-level abstraction layer on top of other libraries maintained by the Pytroll group including:

Go to the Satpy project page for source code and downloads.

Satpy is designed to be easily extendable to support any earth observation satellite by the creation of plugins (readers, compositors, writers, etc). The table at the bottom of this page shows the input formats supported by the base Satpy installation.


Satpy’s interfaces are not guaranteed stable and may change until version 1.0 when backwards compatibility will be a main focus.

Getting Help

Having trouble installing or using Satpy? Feel free to ask questions at any of the contact methods for the PyTroll group here or file an issue on Satpy’s GitHub page.



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