satpy.tests.reader_tests.test_atms_sdr_hdf5 module

Module for testing the ATMS SDR HDF5 reader.

class satpy.tests.reader_tests.test_atms_sdr_hdf5.FakeHDF5_ATMS_SDR_FileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info, include_factors=True)[source]

Bases: FakeHDF5FileHandler

Swap-in HDF5 File Handler.

Create fake file handler.

get_test_content(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Mimic reader input file content.

class satpy.tests.reader_tests.test_atms_sdr_hdf5.TestATMS_SDR_Reader[source]

Bases: object

Test ATMS SDR Reader.


Wrap HDF5 file handler with our own fake handler.


Stop wrapping the HDF5 file handler.


Test basic init with no extra parameters.


Test basic init with start and end times around the start/end times of the provided file.

test_load_all_bands(files, expected)[source]

Load brightness temperatures for all 22 ATMS channels, with/without geolocation.

yaml_file = 'atms_sdr_hdf5.yaml'