satpy.readers.viirs_l2 module

Interface to VIIRS L2 files.

class satpy.readers.viirs_l2.VIIRSCloudMaskFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: NetCDF4FileHandler

VIIRS L2 Cloud Mask reader.

Initialize the file handler.

property end_orbit_number

Get end orbit number.

property end_time

Get end time.

get_dataset(dataset_id, ds_info)[source]

Get dataset.

get_metadata(dataset_id, ds_info)[source]

Get metadata.

get_shape(ds_id, ds_info)[source]

Get shape.

property platform_name

Get platform name.

property sensor_name

Get sensor name.

property start_orbit_number

Get start orbit number.

property start_time

Get start time.