satpy.readers.ahi_l2_nc module

Reader for Himawari L2 cloud products from NOAA’s big data programme.

For more information about the data, see: <>.

These products are generated by the NOAA enterprise cloud suite and have filenames like:

The second letter grouping (CMSK above) indicates the product type:

CMSK - Cloud mask

CHGT - Cloud height

CPHS - Cloud type and phase

These products are generated from the AHI sensor on Himawari-8 and Himawari-9, and are produced at the native instrument resolution for the IR channels (2km at nadir).

NOTE: This reader is currently only compatible with full disk scenes. Unlike level 1 himawari data, the netCDF files do not contain the required metadata to produce an appropriate area definition for the data contents, and hence the area definition is hardcoded into the reader.

A warning is displayed to the user highlighting this. The assumed area definition is a full disk image at the nominal subsatellite longitude of 140.7 degrees East.

All the simple data products are supported here, but multidimensional products are not yet supported. These include the CldHgtFlag and the CloudMaskPacked variables.

class satpy.readers.ahi_l2_nc.HIML2NCFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: BaseFileHandler

File handler for Himawari L2 NOAA enterprise data in netCDF format.

Initialize the reader.

property area

Get AreaDefinition representing this file’s data.

property end_time

End timestamp of the dataset.


Get the area definition.

get_dataset(key, info)[source]

Load a dataset.

property start_time

Start timestamp of the dataset.