satpy.node module

Nodes to build trees.

class satpy.node.CompositorNode(compositor)[source]

Bases: Node

Implementation of a compositor-specific node.

Set up the node.


Add nodes to the optional field.


Add nodes to the required field.

property compositor

Get the compositor.

property optional_nodes

Get the optional nodes.

property required_nodes

Get the required nodes.

exception satpy.node.MissingDependencies(missing_dependencies, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: RuntimeError

Exception when dependencies are missing.

Set up the exception.

class satpy.node.Node(name, data=None)[source]

Bases: object

A node object.

Init the node object.


Add a child to the node.


Make a copy of the node.

display(previous=0, include_data=False)[source]

Display the node.


Flatten tree structure to a one level dictionary.


d (dict, optional) – output dictionary to update

Returns: -> Node. The returned dictionary includes the

current Node and all its children.

Return type:


property is_leaf

Check if the node is a leaf.


Get the leaves of the tree starting at this root.

trunk(unique=True, limit_children_to=None)[source]

Get the trunk of the tree starting at this root.


Update ‘name’ property.

class satpy.node.ReaderNode(unique_id, reader_name)[source]

Bases: Node

Implementation of a storage-based node.

Set up the node.

property reader_name

Get the name of the reader.