satpy._config module

Satpy Configuration directory and file handling.

satpy._config.cached_entry_point(group_name: str) Iterable[EntryPoint][source]

Return entry_point for specified group.

This is a dummy proxy to allow caching and provide compatibility between versions of Python and importlib_metadata.

satpy._config.config_search_paths(filename, search_dirs=None, **kwargs)[source]

Get series of configuration base paths where Satpy configs are located.


Get the path to the highest priority version of a config file.


Get ‘config_path’ and check for proper ‘list’ type.

satpy._config.get_entry_points_config_dirs(group_name: str, include_config_path: bool = True) list[str][source]

Get the config directories for all entry points of given name.

satpy._config.glob_config(pattern, search_dirs=None)[source]

Return glob results for all possible configuration locations.

Note: This method does not check the configuration “base” directory if the pattern includes a subdirectory.

This is done for performance since this is usually used to find all configs for a certain component.