satpy.readers.vii_l1b_nc module

EUMETSAT EPS-SG Visible/Infrared Imager (VII) Level 1B products reader.

The vii_l1b_nc reader reads and calibrates EPS-SG VII L1b image data in netCDF format. The format is explained in the EPS-SG VII Level 1B Product Format Specification V4A.

This version is applicable for the vii test data V2 to be released in Jan 2022.

class satpy.readers.vii_l1b_nc.ViiL1bNCFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ViiNCBaseFileHandler

Reader class for VII L1B products in netCDF format.

Read the calibration data and prepare the class for dataset reading.