satpy.readers.ici_l1b_nc module

EUMETSAT EPS-SG Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) Level 1B products reader.

The format is explained in the EPS-SG ICI Level 1B Product Format Specification V3A.

This version is applicable for the ici test data released in Jan 2021.

class satpy.readers.ici_l1b_nc.IciL1bNCFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: NetCDF4FileHandler

Reader class for ICI L1B products in netCDF format.

Read the calibration data and prepare the class for dataset reading.

property end_time

Get observation end time.

get_dataset(dataset_id, dataset_info)[source]

Get dataset using file_key in dataset_info.

property latitude

Get latitude coordinates.

property longitude

Get longitude coordinates.

property longitude_and_latitude

Get longitude and latitude coordinates.

property observation_azimuth

Get observation azimuth angles.

property observation_azimuth_and_zenith

Get observation azimuth and zenith angles.

property observation_zenith

Get observation zenith angles.

property platform_name

Return platform name.

property sensor

Return sensor.

property solar_azimuth

Get solar azimuth angles.

property solar_azimuth_and_zenith

Get solar azimuth and zenith angles.

property solar_zenith

Get solar zenith angles.

property ssp_lon

Return subsatellite point longitude.

property start_time

Get observation start time.

class satpy.readers.ici_l1b_nc.InterpolationType(value)[source]

Bases: Enum

Enum for interpolation types.