satpy.readers.cmsaf_claas2 module

Module containing CMSAF CLAAS v2 FileHandler.

class satpy.readers.cmsaf_claas2.CLAAS2(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: NetCDF4FileHandler

Handle CMSAF CLAAS-2 files.

Initialise class.


Get metadata for variable.

Return metadata dictionary for variable var.


Get subset of the full disk.

CLAAS products are provided on a grid that is slightly smaller than the full disk (excludes most of the space pixels).


Yield a collection of available datasets.

Return a generator that will yield the datasets available in the loaded files. See docstring in parent class for specification details.

property end_time

Get end time from file.


Get the area definition.

get_dataset(dataset_id, info)[source]

Get the dataset.

grid_size = 3636
property start_time

Get start time from file.