satpy.demo.seviri_hrit module

Demo data download for SEVIRI HRIT files.


Create the full set dictionary.

satpy.demo.seviri_hrit._generate_filenames(pattern, channel, segments)[source]

Generate the filenames for channel and segments.

satpy.demo.seviri_hrit.download_seviri_hrit_20180228_1500(base_dir=None, subset=None)[source]

Download the SEVIRI HRIT files for 2018-02-28T15:00.

subset is a dictionary with the channels as keys and granules to download as values, eg:

{"HRV": [1, 2, 3], "IR_108": [1, 2], "EPI": None}
satpy.demo.seviri_hrit.generate_subset_of_filenames(subset=None, base_dir='')[source]

Generate SEVIRI HRIT filenames.