satpy.writers.simple_image module

Generic PIL/Pillow image format writer.

class satpy.writers.simple_image.PillowWriter(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ImageWriter

Generic PIL image format writer.

Initialize image writer plugin.

save_image(img, filename=None, compute=True, **kwargs)[source]

Save Image object to a given filename.

  • img (trollimage.xrimage.XRImage) – Image object to save to disk.

  • filename (str) – Optionally specify the filename to save this dataset to. It may include string formatting patterns that will be filled in by dataset attributes.

  • compute (bool) – If True (default), compute and save the dataset. If False return either a dask.delayed.Delayed object or tuple of (source, target). See the return values below for more information.

  • **kwargs – Keyword arguments to pass to the images save method.


Value returned depends on compute. If compute is True then the return value is the result of computing a dask.delayed.Delayed object or running If compute is False then the returned value is either a dask.delayed.Delayed object that can be computed using delayed.compute() or a tuple of (source, target) that should be passed to If target is provided the the caller is responsible for calling target.close() if the target has this method.