satpy.readers.vii_l2_nc module

EUMETSAT EPS-SG Visible/Infrared Imager (VII) Level 2 products reader.

class satpy.readers.vii_l2_nc.ViiL2NCFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info, orthorect=False)[source]

Bases: ViiNCBaseFileHandler

Reader class for VII L2 products in netCDF format.

Prepare the class for dataset reading.

_perform_orthorectification(variable, orthorect_data_name)[source]

Perform the orthorectification.

  • variable – xarray DataArray containing the dataset to correct for orthorectification.

  • orthorect_data_name – name of the orthorectification correction data in the product.


array containing the corrected values and all the original metadata.

Return type: