satpy.readers.sgli_l1b module

GCOM-C SGLI L1b reader.

GCOM-C has an imager instrument: SGLI

Test data is available here: The live data is available from here: And the format description is here:

class satpy.readers.sgli_l1b.HDF5SGLI(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: BaseFileHandler

File handler for the SGLI l1b data.

Initialize the filehandler.

calibrate_ir(dataset, calibration)[source]

Calibrate IR channel.

calibrate_vis(dataset, calibration)[source]

Calibrate visible data.

property end_time

Get the end time.


Get angles from the file.

get_dataset(key, info)[source]

Get the dataset from the file.

get_full_angles(azi, zen, attrs)[source]

Interpolate angle arrays.

get_ir_dataset(key, dataset)[source]

Produce a DataArray with an IR channel data in it.


Get lon/lats from the file.


Get the missing and saturation values.


Get the solar angles.


Get the solar angles.

get_visible_dataset(key, dataset)[source]

Produce a DataArray with a visible channel data in it.

interpolate_spherical(azimuthal_angle, polar_angle, resampling_interval)[source]

Interpolate spherical coordinates.


Mask data to 14 bits.

prepare_dataset(key, dataset)[source]

Prepare the dataset according to key.


Scale an array with its attributes Slope and Offset if available.

property start_time

Get the start time.