satpy.readers.seviri_l2_bufr module

SEVIRI L2 BUFR format reader.


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class satpy.readers.seviri_l2_bufr.SeviriL2BufrFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info, with_area_definition=False, rectification_longitude='default', **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseFileHandler

File handler for SEVIRI L2 BUFR products.

Loading data with AreaDefinition

By providing the with_area_definition as True in the reader_kwargs, the dataset is loaded with an AreaDefinition using a standardized AreaDefinition in areas.yaml. By default, the dataset will be loaded with a SwathDefinition, i.e. similar to how the data are stored in the BUFR file:

scene = satpy.Scene(filenames,

reader=’seviri_l2_bufr’, reader_kwargs={‘with_area_definition’: False})

Defining dataset recticifation longitude

The BUFR data were originally extracted from a rectified two-dimensional grid with a given central longitude (typically the sub-satellite point). This information is not available in the file itself nor the filename (for files from the EUMETSAT archive). Also, it cannot be reliably derived from all datasets themselves. Hence, the rectification longitude can be defined by the user by providing rectification_longitude in the reader_kwargs:

scene = satpy.Scene(filenames,

reader=’seviri_l2_bufr’, reader_kwargs={‘rectification_longitude’: 0.0})

If not done, default values applicable to the operational grids of the respective SEVIRI instruments will be used.

Initialise the file handler for SEVIRI L2 BUFR data.

_add_attributes(xarr, dataset_info)[source]

Add dataset attributes to xarray.


Construct a standardized AreaDefinition based on satellite, instrument, resolution and sub-satellite point.


A pyresample AreaDefinition object containing the area definition.

Return type:



Read MPEF header.

property end_time

Return the repeat cycle end time.


Return the area definition.


Get all data from file for the given BUFR key.


Get BUFR attributes.

get_dataset(dataset_id, dataset_info)[source]

Create dataset.

Load data from BUFR file using the BUFR key in dataset_info and create the dataset with or without an AreaDefinition.

get_dataset_with_area_def(arr, dataset_id)[source]

Get dataset with an AreaDefinition.

property platform_name

Return spacecraft name.

property ssp_lon

Return subsatellite point longitude.

property start_time

Return the repeat cycle start time.