satpy.readers.scmi module

SCMI NetCDF4 Reader.

SCMI files are typically used for data for the ABI instrument onboard the GOES-16/17 satellites. It is the primary format used for providing ABI data to the AWIPS visualization clients used by the US National Weather Service forecasters. The python code for this reader may be reused by other readers as NetCDF schemes/metadata change for different products. The initial reader using this code is the “scmi_abi” reader (see abi_l1b_scmi.yaml for more information).

There are two forms of these files that this reader supports:

  1. Official SCMI format: NetCDF4 files where the main data variable is stored

    in a variable called “Sectorized_CMI”. This variable name can be configured in the YAML configuration file.

  2. Satpy/Polar2Grid SCMI format: NetCDF4 files based on the official SCMI

    format created for the Polar2Grid project. This format was migrated to Satpy as part of Polar2Grid’s adoption of Satpy for the majority of its features. This format is what is produced by Satpy’s scmi writer. This format can be identified by a single variable named “data” and a global attribute named "awips_id" that is set to a string starting with "AWIPS_".

class satpy.readers.scmi.SCMIFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: BaseFileHandler

Handle a single SCMI NetCDF4 file.

Set up the SCMI file handler.


Calculate area extents from x/y variables.


Figure out which grid mapping should be used.


Map CF projection name to PROJ.4 name.


Convert CF projection parameters to PROJ.4 dict.


Determine the sensor for this file.

property end_time

Get the end time.


Get the area definition of the data at hand.

get_dataset(key, info)[source]

Load a dataset.

get_shape(key, info)[source]

Get the shape of the data.

property sensor_names

Get the sensor names.

property start_time

Get the start time.