satpy.readers.mimic_TPW2_nc module

Reader for Mimic TPW data in netCDF format from SSEC.

This module implements reader for MIMIC_TPW2 netcdf files. MIMIC-TPW2 is an experimental global product of total precipitable water (TPW), using morphological compositing of the MIRS retrieval from several available operational microwave-frequency sensors. Originally described in a 2010 paper by Wimmers and Velden. This Version 2 is developed from an older method that uses simpler, but more limited TPW retrievals and advection calculations.

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class satpy.readers.mimic_TPW2_nc.MimicTPW2FileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: NetCDF4FileHandler

NetCDF4 reader for MIMC TPW.

Initialize the reader.


Get datasets in file matching gelocation shape (lat/lon).

property end_time

End timestamp of the dataset same as start_time.


Flip data up/down and define equirectangular AreaDefintion.

get_dataset(ds_id, info)[source]

Load dataset designated by the given key from file.

get_metadata(data, info)[source]

Get general metadata for file.

property sensor_name

Sensor name.

property start_time

Start timestamp of the dataset determined from yaml.