satpy.readers.li_l2_nc module

MTG Lighting Imager (LI) L2 unified reader.

This reader supports reading all the products from the LI L2 processing level:

  • L2-LE

  • L2-LGR

  • L2-AFA

  • L2-LEF

  • L2-LFL

  • L2-AF

  • L2-AFR

class satpy.readers.li_l2_nc.LIL2NCFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info, with_area_definition=False)[source]

Bases: LINCFileHandler

Implementation class for the unified LI L2 satpy reader.

Initialize LIL2NCFileHandler.


Compute area definition for a dataset, only supported for accumulated products.

get_array_on_fci_grid(data_array: DataArray)[source]

Obtain the accumulated products as a (sparse) 2-d array.

The array has the shape of the FCI 2 km grid (5568x5568px), and will have an AreaDefinition attached.

get_dataset(dataset_id, ds_info=None)[source]

Get the dataset and apply gridding if requested.


Check if the variable corresponding to this dataset is listed as variable with swath coordinates.