satpy.readers.iasi_l2_so2_bufr module

IASI L2 SO2 BUFR format reader.


The iasi_l2_so2_bufr reader reads IASI level2 SO2 data in BUFR format. The algorithm is described in the Theoretical Basis Document, linked below.

Each BUFR file consists of a number of messages, one for each scan, each of which contains SO2 column amounts in Dobson units for retrievals performed with plume heights of 7, 10, 13, 16 and 25 km.

Reader Arguments

A list of retrieval files, fnames, can be opened as follows:

Scene(reader="iasi_l2_so2_bufr", filenames=fnames)


Here is an example how to read the data in satpy:

from satpy import Scene
import glob

filenames = glob.glob(
scn = Scene(filenames=filenames, reader='iasi_l2_so2_bufr')
scn.load(['so2_height_3', 'so2_height_4'])


<xarray.DataArray 'so2_height_3' (y: 23, x: 120)>
dask.array<where, shape=(23, 120), dtype=float64, chunksize=(1, 120), chunktype=numpy.ndarray>
    crs      object +proj=latlong +datum=WGS84 +ellps=WGS84 +type=crs
Dimensions without coordinates: y, x
    sensor:               IASI
    units:                dobson
    file_type:            iasi_l2_so2_bufr
    wavelength:           None
    modifiers:            ()
    platform_name:        METOP-2
    resolution:           12000
    fill_value:           -1e+100
    level:                None
    polarization:         None
    coordinates:          ('longitude', 'latitude')
    calibration:          None
    key:                  #3#sulphurDioxide
    name:                 so2_height_3
    start_time:           2020-02-04 09:14:55
    end_time:             2020-02-04 09:17:51
    area:                 Shape: (23, 120)\nLons: <xarray.DataArray 'longitud...
    ancillary_variables:  []

References: Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document:

class satpy.readers.iasi_l2_so2_bufr.IASIL2SO2BUFR(filename, filename_info, filetype_info, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseFileHandler

File handler for the IASI L2 SO2 BUFR product.

Initialise the file handler for the IASI L2 SO2 BUFR data.

property end_time

Return the end time of data acquisition.


Get all data from file for the given BUFR key.


Get BUFR attributes.

get_dataset(dataset_id, dataset_info)[source]

Get dataset using the BUFR key in dataset_info.


Get the first and last date from the bufr file.

property platform_name

Return spacecraft name.

property start_time

Return the start time of data acqusition.