satpy.readers.hrpt module

Reading and calibrating hrpt avhrr data.

Todo: - AMSU - Compare output with AAPP



class satpy.readers.hrpt.HRPTFile(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: BaseFileHandler

Reader for HRPT Minor Frame, 10 bits data expanded to 16 bits.

Init the file handler.

property _chunks

Get the best chunks for this data.

property _data

Get the data.

_get_avhrr_tiepoints(scan_points, scanline_nb)[source]

Get channel data.


Get navigation data.

property _is3b
calibrate_solar_channel(data, key)[source]

Calibrate a solar channel.

calibrate_thermal_channel(data, key)[source]

Calibrate a thermal channel.

property calibrator

Create a calibrator for the data.

property end_time

Get the end time.

get_dataset(key, info)[source]

Get the dataset.

property lons_lats

Get the lons and lats.

property platform_name

Get the platform name.


Read the file.

property start_time

Get the start time.

property telemetry

Get the telemetry.

property times

Get the timestamps for each line.


Get the avhrr channel index.

satpy.readers.hrpt.bfield(array, bit)[source]

Return the bit array.

satpy.readers.hrpt.geo_interpolate(lons32km, lats32km)[source]

Interpolate geo data.

satpy.readers.hrpt.time_seconds(tc_array, year)[source]

Return the time object from the timecodes.