satpy.readers.eps_l1b module

Reader for eps level 1b data. Uses xml files as a format description.

class satpy.readers.eps_l1b.EPSAVHRRFile(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: BaseFileHandler

Eps level 1b reader for AVHRR data.

Initialize FileHandler.


Get an angle dataarray.


Get a calibrated dataarray.

_get_full_angles(solar_zenith, sat_zenith, solar_azimuth, sat_azimuth)[source]

Get the interpolated angles.


Get the interpolated longitudes and latitudes.

_interpolate(lons_like, lats_like)[source]
property end_time

Get end time.


Get bounding box.

get_dataset(key, info)[source]

Get calibrated channel data.


Get lonlats.


List of reader’s keys.

property platform_name

Get platform name.

property sensor_name

Get sensor name.

sensors = {'AVHR': 'avhrr-3'}
spacecrafts = {'M01': 'Metop-B', 'M02': 'Metop-A', 'M03': 'Metop-C'}
property start_time

Get start time.

property three_a_mask

Mask for 3A.

property three_b_mask

Mask for 3B.

units = {'brightness_temperature': 'K', 'radiance': 'W m^-2 sr^-1', 'reflectance': '%'}

Create xarray with correct dimensions.

satpy.readers.eps_l1b.radiance_to_bt(arr, wc_, a__, b__)[source]

Convert to BT in K.

satpy.readers.eps_l1b.radiance_to_refl(arr, solar_flux)[source]

Convert to reflectances in %.


Read filename without scaling it afterwards.