satpy.readers.amsr2_l2_gaasp module

GCOM-W1 AMSR2 Level 2 files from the GAASP software.

GAASP output files are in the NetCDF4 format. Software is provided by NOAA and is also distributed by the CSPP group. More information on the products supported by this reader can be found here: for more information.

GAASP includes both swath/granule products and gridded products. Swath products are provided in files with “MBT”, “OCEAN”, “SNOW”, or “SOIL” in the filename. Gridded products are in files with “SEAICE-SH” or “SEAICE-NH” in the filename where SH stands for South Hemisphere and NH stands for North Hemisphere. These gridded products are on the EASE2 North pole and South pole grids. See for more details.

Note that since SEAICE products can be on both the northern or southern hemisphere or both depending on what files are provided to Satpy, this reader appends a _NH and _SH suffix to all variable names that are dynamically discovered from the provided files.

class satpy.readers.amsr2_l2_gaasp.GAASPFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: BaseFileHandler

Generic file handler for GAASP output files.

Initialize file handler.

_add_lonlat_coords(data_arr, ds_info)[source]
_fill_data(data_arr, attrs)[source]
_get_ds_info_for_data_arr(var_name, data_arr)[source]
static _nan_for_dtype(data_arr_dtype)[source]
_scale_data(data_arr, attrs)[source]

Dynamically discover what variables can be loaded from this file.

See satpy.readers.file_handlers.BaseHandler.available_datasets() for more information.

dim_resolutions = {'Number_of_hi_rez_FOVs': 5000, 'Number_of_low_rez_FOVs': 10000}
property end_time

Get end time of observation.

get_dataset(dataid, ds_info)[source]

Load, scale, and collect metadata for the specified DataID.

is_gridded = False
property nc

Get the xarray dataset for this file.

property platform_name

Name of the platform whose data is stored in this file.

property sensor_names

Sensors who have data in this file.

property start_time

Get start time of observation.

time_dims = ('Time_Dimension',)
x_dims: Tuple[str, ...] = ('Number_of_hi_rez_FOVs', 'Number_of_low_rez_FOVs')
y_dims: Tuple[str, ...] = ('Number_of_Scans',)
class satpy.readers.amsr2_l2_gaasp.GAASPGriddedFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: GAASPFileHandler

GAASP file handler for gridded products like SEAICE.

Initialize file handler.

static _get_extents(data_shape, res)[source]
dim_resolutions = {'Number_of_X_Dimension': 10000}

Create area definition for equirectangular projected data.

is_gridded = True
x_dims: Tuple[str, ...] = ('Number_of_X_Dimension',)
y_dims: Tuple[str, ...] = ('Number_of_Y_Dimension',)
class satpy.readers.amsr2_l2_gaasp.GAASPLowResFileHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info)[source]

Bases: GAASPFileHandler

GAASP file handler for files that only have low resolution products.

Initialize file handler.

dim_resolutions = {'Number_of_low_rez_FOVs': 10000}
x_dims: Tuple[str, ...] = ('Number_of_low_rez_FOVs',)