satpy.modifiers._crefl module

Classes related to the CREFL (corrected reflectance) modifier.

class satpy.modifiers._crefl.ReflectanceCorrector(*args, dem_filename=None, dem_sds='averaged elevation', url=None, known_hash=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ModifierBase, DataDownloadMixin

Corrected Reflectance (crefl) modifier.

Uses a python rewrite of the C CREFL code written for VIIRS and MODIS.

Initialize the compositor with values from the user or from the configuration file.

If dem_filename can’t be found or opened then correction is done assuming TOA or sealevel options.

  • dem_filename (str) – DEPRECATED

  • url (str) – URL or local path to the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) HDF4 file. If unset (None or empty string), then elevation is assumed to be 0 everywhere.

  • known_hash (str) – Optional SHA256 checksum to verify the download of url.

  • dem_sds (str) – Name of the variable in the elevation file to load.

_call_crefl(refl_data, angles)[source]
_extract_angle_data_arrays(datasets, optional_datasets)[source]
static _read_fill_value_from_hdf4(var, dtype)[source]
static _read_var_from_hdf4_file(local_filename, var_name)[source]
static _read_var_from_hdf4_file_netcdf4(local_filename, var_name)[source]
static _read_var_from_hdf4_file_pyhdf(local_filename, var_name)[source]