satpy.demo._google_cloud_platform module

satpy.demo._google_cloud_platform._download_gcs_files(globbed_files, fs, base_dir, force)[source]
satpy.demo._google_cloud_platform.get_bucket_files(glob_pattern, base_dir, force=False, pattern_slice=None)[source]

Download files from Google Cloud Storage.

  • glob_pattern (str or list) – Glob pattern string or series of patterns used to search for on Google Cloud Storage. The pattern should include the “gs://” protocol prefix. If a list of lists, then the results of each sublist pattern are concatenated and the result is treated as one pattern result. This is important for things like pattern_slice and complicated glob patterns not supported by GCP.

  • base_dir (str) – Root directory to place downloaded files on the local system.

  • force (bool) – Force re-download of data regardless of its existence on the local system. Warning: May delete non-demo files stored in download directory.

  • pattern_slice (slice) – Slice object to limit the number of files returned by each glob pattern.


Check if we are on a GCP virtual machine.