satpy.composites.glm module

Composite classes for the GLM instrument.

class satpy.composites.glm.HighlightCompositor(name, min_highlight=0.0, max_highlight=10.0, max_factor=(0.8, 0.8, -0.8, 0), **kwargs)[source]

Bases: GenericCompositor

Highlight pixels of a layer by an amount determined by a secondary layer.

The highlighting is applied per channel to either add or subtract an intensity from the primary image. In the addition case, the code is essentially doing:

highlight_factor = (highlight_data - min_highlight) / (max_highlight - min_highlight)
channel_result = primary_data + highlight_factor * max_factor

The max_factor is defined per channel and can be positive for an additive effect, negative for a subtractive effect, or zero for no effect.

Initialize composite with highlight factor options.

  • min_highlight (float) – Minimum raw value of the “highlight” data that will be used for linearly scaling the data along with max_hightlight.

  • max_highlight (float) – Maximum raw value of the “highlight” data that will be used for linearly scaling the data along with min_hightlight.

  • max_factor (tuple) – Maximum effect that the highlight data can have on each channel of the primary image data. This will be multiplied by the linearly scaled highlight data and then added or subtracted from the highlight channels. See class docstring for more information. By default this is set to (0.8, 0.8, -0.8, 0) meaning the Red and Green channel will be added to by at most 0.8, the Blue channel will be subtracted from by at most 0.8, and the Alpha channel will not be effected.

_apply_highlight_effect(background_data, factor)[source]
static _get_enhanced_background_data(background_layer)[source]
_update_attrs(new_data, background_layer, highlight_layer)[source]