CF encoding., dataset)[source]

Update encoding to preserve current dask chunks.

Existing user-defined chunks take precedence., dataset)[source]

Set default fill values.

Avoid _FillValue attribute being added to coordinate variables (, dataset)[source]

Set default time encoding.

Make sure time coordinates and bounds have the same units. Default is xarray’s CF datetime encoding, which can be overridden by user-defined encoding., dataset, numeric_name_prefix)[source]

Ensure variable names of the encoding dictionary account for numeric_name_prefix.

A lot of channel names in satpy starts with a digit. When preparing CF-compliant datasets, these channels are prefixed with numeric_name_prefix.

If variables names in the encoding dictionary are numeric digits, their name is prefixed with numeric_name_prefix, to_engine_kwargs, numeric_name_prefix='CHANNEL_')[source]

Update encoding.

Preserve dask chunks, avoid fill values in coordinate variables and make sure that time & time bounds have the same units.