Utility to generate a CF-compliant DataArray., numeric_name_prefix)[source], numeric_name_prefix, include_orig_name)[source]

Change the DataArray name by prepending numeric_name_prefix if the name is a digit., epoch=None, flatten_attrs=False, exclude_attrs=None, include_orig_name=True, numeric_name_prefix='CHANNEL_')[source]

Make the xr.DataArray CF-compliant.

  • dataarray (xr.DataArray) – The data array to be made CF-compliant.

  • epoch (str, optional) – Reference time for encoding of time coordinates. If None, the default reference time is defined using from import EPOCH.

  • flatten_attrs (bool, optional) – If True, flatten dict-type attributes. Defaults to False.

  • exclude_attrs (list, optional) – List of dataset attributes to be excluded. Defaults to None.

  • include_orig_name (bool, optional) – Include the original dataset name in the netcdf variable attributes. Defaults to True.

  • numeric_name_prefix (str, optional) – Prepend dataset name with this if starting with a digit. Defaults to "CHANNEL_".


A CF-compliant xr.DataArray.

Return type: