satpy.readers.mirs module

Interface to MiRS product.

class satpy.readers.mirs.MiRSL2ncHandler(filename, filename_info, filetype_info, limb_correction=True)[source]

Bases: BaseFileHandler

MiRS handler for NetCDF4 files using xarray.

The MiRS retrieval algorithm runs on multiple sensors. For the ATMS sensors, a limb correction is applied by default. In order to change that behavior, use the keyword argument limb_correction=False:

from satpy import Scene, find_files_and_readers

filenames = find_files_and_readers(base_dir, reader="mirs")
scene = Scene(filenames, reader_kwargs={'limb_correction': False})

Init method.

_apply_valid_range(data_arr, valid_range, scale_factor, add_offset)[source]

Get and apply valid_range.


Create metadata for channel BTs.


Metadata for available variables other than BT.


Count channel/polarization pair repetition.

_fill_data(data_arr, fill_value, scale_factor, add_offset)[source]

Fill missing data with NaN.

property _get_coeff_filenames

Retrieve necessary files for coefficients if needed.

property _get_platform_name

Get platform name.

property _get_sensor

Get sensor.

static _nan_for_dtype(data_arr_dtype)[source]
static _scale_data(data_arr, scale_factor, add_offset)[source]

Scale data, if needed.

apply_attributes(data, ds_info)[source]

Combine attributes from file and yaml and apply.

File attributes should take precedence over yaml if both are present


Dynamically discover what variables can be loaded from this file.

See satpy.readers.file_handlers.BaseHandler.available_datasets() for more information.

property end_time

Get end time.


Force for combine.


Force datetime.time for combine.

get_dataset(ds_id, ds_info)[source]

Get datasets.

property platform_shortname

Get platform shortname.

property sensor_names

Return standard sensor names for the file’s data.

property start_time

Get start time.


Get metadata.

satpy.readers.mirs.apply_atms_limb_correction(datasets, channel_idx, dmean, coeffs, amean, nchx, nchanx)[source]

Calculate the correction for each channel.

satpy.readers.mirs.get_coeff_by_sfc(coeff_fn, bt_data, idx)[source]

Read coefficients for specific filename (land or sea).

satpy.readers.mirs.limb_correct_atms_bt(bt_data, surf_type_mask, coeff_fns, ds_info)[source]

Gather data needed for limb correction.


Read the coefficients into a string.


Read the limb correction files.