EPS-SG VII netCDF Example

Satpy includes a reader for the EPS-SG Visible and Infrared Imager (VII) Level 1b data. The following Python code snippet shows an example on how to use Satpy to read a channel and resample and save the image over the European area.


This example is currently a work in progress. Some of the below code may not work with the currently released version of Satpy. Additional updates to this example will be coming soon.

import glob
from satpy.scene import Scene

# find the file/files to be read
filenames = glob.glob('/path/to/VII/data/W_xx-eumetsat-darmstadt,SAT,SGA1-VII-1B-RAD_C_EUMT_20191007055100*')

# create a VII scene from the selected granule(s)
scn = Scene(filenames=filenames, reader='vii_l1b_nc')

# print available dataset names for this scene

# load the datasets of interest
# NOTE: only radiances are supported for test data
scn.load(["vii_668"], calibration="radiance")

# resample the scene to a specified area (e.g. "eurol1" for Europe in 1km resolution)
eur = scn.resample("eurol", resampler='nearest', radius_of_influence=5000)

# save the resampled data to disk
eur.save_dataset("vii_668", filename='./vii_668_eur.png')