Adding remote file support to a reader


This feature is currently very new and might improve and change in the future.

As of Satpy version 0.25.1 the possibility to search for files on remote file systems (see Search for local/remote files) as well as the possibility for supported readers to read from remote filesystems has been added.

To add this feature to a reader the call to xarray.open_dataset() has to be replaced by the function open_dataset() included in Satpy which handles passing on the filename to be opened regardless if it is a local file path or a FSFile object which can wrap objects.

To be able to cache the open_dataset call which is favourable for remote files it should be separated from the get_dataset method which needs to be implemented in every reader. This could look like:

from satpy._compat importe cached_property
from satpy.readers.file_handlers import BaseFileHandler, open_dataset

class Reader(BaseFileHandler):

    def __init__(self, filename, filename_info, filetype_info):
        super(Reader).__init__(filename, filename_info, filetype_info):

    def nc(self):
        return open_dataset(self.filename, chunks="auto")

    def get_dataset(self):
        # Access the opened dataset
        data =["key"]

Any parameters allowed for xarray.open_dataset() can be passed as keywords to open_dataset() if needed.


It is important to know that for remote files xarray might use a different backend to open the file than for local files (e.g. h5netcdf instead of netcdf4), which might result in some attributes being returned as arrays instead of scalars. This has to be accounted for when accessing attributes in the reader.