Source code for satpy.tests.reader_tests.test_mimic_TPW2_nc

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2019 Satpy developers
# This file is part of Satpy.
# Satpy is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
# terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
# Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later
# version.
# Satpy is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
# WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR
# A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
# Satpy.  If not, see <>.
"""Module for testing the satpy.readers.tropomi_l2 module."""

import os
import unittest
from datetime import datetime
from unittest import mock

import numpy as np
import xarray as xr

from satpy.tests.reader_tests.test_netcdf_utils import FakeNetCDF4FileHandler

DEFAULT_FILE_SHAPE = (9001, 18000)
DEFAULT_LON = np.linspace(-180, 180, DEFAULT_FILE_SHAPE[1], dtype=DEFAULT_FILE_DTYPE)
file_content_units = dict()

[docs] class FakeNetCDF4FileHandlerMimic(FakeNetCDF4FileHandler): """Swap-in NetCDF4 File Handler."""
[docs] def get_test_content(self, filename, filename_info, filetype_info): """Mimic reader input file content.""" from xarray import DataArray dt_s = filename_info.get('start_time', datetime(2019, 6, 19, 13, 0)) dt_e = filename_info.get('end_time', datetime(2019, 6, 19, 13, 0)) if filetype_info['file_type'] == 'mimicTPW2_comp': file_content = { '/attr/start_time': dt_s.strftime('%Y%m%d.%H%M%S'), '/attr/end_time': dt_e.strftime('%Y%m%d.%H%M%S'), '/attr/platform_shortname': 'aggregated microwave', '/attr/sensor': 'mimic', } file_content['latArr'] = DEFAULT_LAT file_content['latArr/shape'] = (DEFAULT_FILE_SHAPE[0],) file_content['latArr/attr/units'] = 'degress_north' file_content['lonArr'] = DEFAULT_LON file_content['lonArr/shape'] = (DEFAULT_FILE_SHAPE[1],) file_content['lonArr/attr/units'] = 'degrees_east' file_content['tpwGrid'] = DEFAULT_FILE_DATA file_content['tpwGrid/shape'] = DEFAULT_FILE_SHAPE file_content_units['tpwGrid'] = 'mm' file_content['/dimension/lat'] = DEFAULT_FILE_SHAPE[0] file_content['/dimension/lon'] = DEFAULT_FILE_SHAPE[1] # convert to xarrays for key, val in file_content.items(): if key == 'lonArr' or key == 'latArr': file_content[key] = DataArray(val) elif isinstance(val, np.ndarray): if val.ndim > 1: file_content[key] = DataArray(val, dims=('y', 'x'), attrs={"units": file_content_units[key]}) else: file_content[key] = DataArray(val) else: msg = 'Wrong Test Reader for file_type {}'.format(filetype_info['file_type']) raise AssertionError(msg) return file_content
[docs] class TestMimicTPW2Reader(unittest.TestCase): """Test Mimic Reader.""" yaml_file = "mimicTPW2_comp.yaml"
[docs] def setUp(self): """Wrap NetCDF4 file handler with our own fake handler.""" from satpy._config import config_search_paths from satpy.readers.mimic_TPW2_nc import MimicTPW2FileHandler self.reader_configs = config_search_paths(os.path.join('readers', self.yaml_file)) # self.p = mock.patch.object(MimicTPW2FileHandler, '__bases__', (FakeNetCDF4FileHandlerMimic,)) self.fake_handler = self.p.start() self.p.is_local = True
[docs] def tearDown(self): """Stop wrapping the NetCDF4 file handler.""" self.p.stop()
[docs] def test_init(self): """Test basic initialization of this reader.""" from satpy.readers import load_reader r = load_reader(self.reader_configs) loadables = r.select_files_from_pathnames([ '', ]) self.assertEqual(len(loadables), 1) r.create_filehandlers(loadables) # make sure we have some files self.assertTrue(r.file_handlers)
[docs] def test_load_mimic(self): """Load Mimic data.""" from satpy.readers import load_reader r = load_reader(self.reader_configs) with mock.patch('satpy.readers.mimic_TPW2_nc.netCDF4.Variable', xr.DataArray): loadables = r.select_files_from_pathnames([ '', ]) r.create_filehandlers(loadables) ds = r.load(['tpwGrid']) self.assertEqual(len(ds), 1) for d in ds.values(): self.assertEqual(d.attrs['platform_shortname'], 'aggregated microwave') self.assertEqual(d.attrs['sensor'], 'mimic') self.assertIn('area', d.attrs) self.assertIn('units', d.attrs) self.assertIsNotNone(d.attrs['area'])