Installation instructions

Pip based installation

satpy is available from pypi. A sandbox environment for satpy can be created using Virtualenv.

Installation using pip:

$ pip install satpy

This will install satpy and all it’s python dependendencies from pypi. However you have to asure, that all non python dependencies are installed on your machine.

Installation based on conda

The satpy repository contains an environment file to install satpy and all its dependencies (including non python dependencies) via conda. For now there is only one file available to install satpy on python 2.7 and numpy 1.11 (satpy-env_np111py27.yml). Environment files for other python or numpy versions can be created by adapting this file.

After downloading the file you can install satpy in an environment called satpy-env using conda:

$ conda env create -f satpy-env_np<xxx>py<yy>.yml

To activate this environment use

$ source activate satpy-env